Our Team

Sandra Van Vlierberghe, Prof.
Professor and Group Leader of the Polymer Chemistry & Biomaterials Group at the Department of Organic and Macromolecular Chemistry of Ghent University


Her research focuses on the development of crosslinkable (bio)polymers (i.e. gelatin, polysaccharides, synthetic polyethers, polyesters, etc.) and their processing capabilities (in the presence of cells) using 3D printing techniques to develop scaffolds for tissue engineering.

In this project, Sandra will coordinate tasks related to (bio)polymer development, characterization and processing using 3D printing and electrospinning in order to mimic the artificial fish intestine.

Anna Szabó
PhD Student


Anna Szabó is a PhD student in the Polymer Chemistry & Biomaterials Group at Ghent University.

Her work focuses on developing different kinds of (bio)polymers for the fabrication of scaffolds which can function as artificial fish intestine.

She will use the combination of molding, electrospinning and various 3D printing techniques for the design of the scaffolds, and functionalize them for enhancing the growth and differentiation of intestinal ephitelial cells.