The PhD student of the University of Milan, Federica Camin, is now spending a month in ANFACO-CECOPESCA facility, tutored by Dr. Jorge Lago Alvarado. He is working on the Red FishHealth project with the objective of developing new tools and integrated platforms for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of infectious diseases in fish farming and strengthening the competitiveness of the fish farming sector.

Recently, the Fish-AI consortium provided its rainbow trout intestinal cell lines (RTpiMI and RTdiMI) to ANFACO and Federica will share her expertise on how to maintain, use and analyze these cells. At the same time, Dr. Lago will impart his knowledge about the utilization of the Ussing chamber for comparing the values of electrical resistance between the intestinal wall and the in vitro models.

We are happy to share the open science spirit that permeates the European Union research policy.