A FISH-AI demonstration station was set at the European researchers’ night event that was held in IOLR last September.

High school children were trained ahead of time to explain to the 1,600 participants the idea of the FISH-AI project as well as to demonstrate the in vitro experimental approach of intestinal fish feed digestion and the intestinal digestion in general.

Sa’ar and Yara from the local high school preparations for the In Vitro digestion demonstration

Dr. Liat Koch presenting the Fish AI project

Young children and their parents who visited the FISH-AI station experimented in in vitro enzymatic digestion of a boiled egg using pepsin in acidic conditions and in pH determination using a pigment molecule called flavin (an anthocyanin) extracted from Red cabbage.

In Vitro digestion of an egg

Visitors could experience a FISH-AI intestinal scaffold that was programmed by BIOFABICS and 3D printed at the Agricultural Research Organization in Israel.

Dr. Iris Meiri, the event coordinator with the mayor of Eilat and IOLR CEO at the EU station

The European researchers’ night at IOLR, 1,600 participants attended the event