At the opening meeting of the Fish-AI project, funded by the European Union and coordinated by DISAA, we organized a dissemination event to illustrate the research activities currently underway aimed at improving the sustainability of the production of food of animal origin.

This is the brief presentation of a group of national and international projects that share the multidisciplinary approach to food sustainability, with the participation of DISAA and other UNIMI research groups. The involvement of industrial partners ensures the transfer of results to the local and international productive reality helping us in the training of graduates prepared to face the most up-to-date demands of the labour market.

This introductory part will be followed by a series of informative seminars on the use of biotechnology applied to nutrition, for the development of sustainable aquaculture held by the Fish-AI project partners: Developing an Artificial Intestine for the sustainable farming of healthy fish.

At the end of the event there will be a welcome drink.


Place: Università degli Studi di Milano, Via Celoria 10, Aula 2

Date: Tuesday 5 Novembre 2019,  3.00 p.m.

For more information on the event and the projects involved: