Dr. Liat Koch from IOLR participated in the 7th advanced summer school for “Do organoids fill the in vivo/in vitro gap?” held by the integrative research programs of the University of Porto.

The course outlined how we can tackle the challenges of deconstructing multifactorial in vivo microenvironments by creating 3D in vitro models to study biological processes. The lectures focused on the development of scaffolds, cell isolation, manipulation technologies, organoids, in vitro bioprinted models and bioengineered microenvironments for 3D cell assembly under controlled conditions.

Attention was given to the variegated composition, numerous functions and unique dynamic conditions of the intestine including morphology considerations for the development of a 3D in vitro model including: villi-like and crypt structures, properties of the lamina in terms of its cellular/biochemical composition and biomechanical behavior.