The Fish-AI project took part to the Open Day of the University of Milan that was held Saturday 25 May 2019.

During the Open Day high school students came to Ca’ Granda or “the big house”, the name once used by the Milanese people to describe the huge XV century hospital complex  that houses the University headquarters. In the Cortile d’Onore the students were able to visit the stalls where each undergraduate course was presented. Professors and current students explained the course structure, the teaching subjects and the research activities that are carried on by the academic staff.

The UNIMI team was part of the biotechnology degree course and illustrated the Fish-Ai project to the students as an example of what a degree in biotechnology could lead to.

The Fish-AI Team at the biotechnology degree stall. From the left, Marta Franzosi, Nicole Verdile, Roòando Pasquariello, Fulvio Gandolfi and Tiziana Brevini

In the afternoon Fulvio Gandolfi. Tiziana Brevini, Rolando Pasquariello, Nicole Verdile and Marta Franzosi held a small demonstration of what it is a 3D in vitro platform and what can be achieved in the field of sustainable aquaculture as well as a tool for biomedical applications.

Nicole, Rolando and Marta demonstrate the use of a 3D printer