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UniMi Team at the Aquaculture Europe 2019

UniMi team attended the last Conference of the European Aquaculture Society in Berlin (Germany), presenting a poster entitled “QUANTITATIVE CHARACTERIZATION OF...

NMBU and Skretting partners establishing in vitro digestion protocol

Researchers from Fish-AI partners NMBU and Skretting have conducted a preliminary feeding trial with rainbow trout.

IOLR partner presents: Fish-AI activity at the National Centre for Mariculture (NCM)

The Fish-AI project was the basis for a project that was performed by students who participated in the Hebrew University’s faculty...

IOLR partner at summer school at the University of Porto

Dr. Liat Koch from IOLR participated in the 7th advanced summer school for “Do organoids fill the in vivo/in vitro gap?”...

UGent partner at the 3rd BIOMAT congress

UGent partner Sandra Van Vlierberghe delivers invited talk at the 3rd BIOMAT congress on hydrogels and 3D printing